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The 6 Biggest Colors You’ll See In Fashion This Spring!


Each year, a few colors stand out as the trending colors of the season, and this year is no exception! Soft pastels and bright hues alike are gracing the runways, and they all look amazing. After the muted grays and dark navy from the winter, these new colors are a breath of fresh air to welcome the spring!4.1b6

Pantone’s 2016 color of the year, Rose Quartz, is already trending in spring and summer collections around the world! Everyone wants to get their hands on this delightful blushing beauty of a color. It goes with just about everything!

melsfavetop_aqua13_c__69456.1451945113.1280.1280This soft and feminine color is the perfect shade to represent springtime. Shirts, skirts, and accessories, there isn’t a piece that isn’t gorgeous in this soft shade of pink!


Inspired by the bright and lively color of ripe and juicy tangerines, Tangerine is an exciting color hitting the newest styles this spring. tasseltrimtunic_rednavy12_c__79620.1459221985.1280.1280Bright and festive, it draws your eye whether its an entire shirt or just a few patterned accents in a tunic. 4.1b1

Spruce is the dark green between Olive, and Forest. It’s a unique shade that is highly anticipated! A few years after Emerald graced the fashion scene as the go-to color, it’s no surprise that this gorgeous shade has made a comeback!rosekimono_berry13_c__80316.1459219411.1280.1280This lovely shade of green will be everywhere this season, and with good reason! Expect it to pop up in unexpected places! (Like this vintage rose kimono!)

4.1b3The bright and rich color, Tomato, will be everywhere this spring! After Marsala, Pantone’s 2015 wine inspired color of the year, this vibrant red is definitely a favorite!

2fit_lightweight_spice12_c__74327.1439740645.1280.1280Always ready to tie into any look, the fun shade of Tomato will draw the eyes of everyone around! Try it out with a fun cardigan or a cute clutch! Be bold with this beautiful shade of red! 4.1b2

A fun take on yellow is the light shade of Marigold, a soft color between mustard and lemon. As a T-shirt layered under a brighter color or a flirty pair of flats, Marigold is a wonderful accent color to this year’s color spectrum!


And in a darker shade most commonly attributed to suede fabrics, lush Sienna is a popular choice this spring. The burnt shade of orange is more and more popular and flatters most any skin tone!4.1b4

These colors are fresh, exciting, and just perfect for spring! As accents or pant suits, these shades will be everywhere soon enough. Add a few pieces to your wardrobe in soft Rose Quartz, bright Tomato, or vibrant Marigold! Your closet will definitely thank you.

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