Grace and Lace

Gaining Momentum in Q2


While you may think this time of year is all about prepping for tax season, there are some key strategies you can focus on now to grow your business as we enter the second quarter of 2020.

1) Marry Profit With Purpose

Find ways to give back as you grow. Find causes that align with your brand and look for ways to integrate them into your sales. Maybe that looks like a Memorial Day sale where the proceeds benefit veterans. Maybe that looks like the Toms model of “buy this, we’ll give that,” and you donate something to charity.

Whatever this could look like for you, cast the vision for this partnership to your fans, and get them excited about the impact they are making by shopping with you.

2) Go Local (get involved in your community, narrow your audience, and know them)

Make sure you’re involved in your local community. However, heed CDC guidelines and the recommendations of your local government at this time. In this digital era, we are tempted to take everything online and reach a bigger audience. For small businesses, a better strategy could be to make sure that the people closest to you know that your business is there for them and your community, even if you’re online and not brick and mortar.

3) Storytelling Is Essential.

Knowing your numbers is a keystone of business. Another upgrade to your marketing is knowing your narrative. This is not a data VS story discussion because they are both needed, and they need to work together. Find the problem that you can solve, get excited about the solution, build a story around the solution, and let people know.

4) Content (And Consistency) Is King

Stay in front of your fans on social media with high-quality content, especially while people are working from home and using social media more to stay connected. Shoot flat lay pictures of outfits. Ask questions. Do Facebook Live Videos. The best part? You can do all of this from your phone.

Most importantly, post content regularly. Make it a part of your weekly schedule. Doing these things will benefit you in the short term and the long term.

Marketing can be a whirlwind of emotion. Especially now. Every marketing strategy is different, and you can take these essential tips and tweak them to fit your business to create a healthier Q2 for your site and/or boutique.

Grace and Lace