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In Texas, as of last Thursday, April 30, the shelter-in-place order is over and some businesses are preparing to open again. As our world gradually shifts to the way it used to be, we want to give you a few tips to make sure your business leads the way to help people feel more comfortable in this season.

1) Lead With Empathy.

Keep your customers informed but not overloaded with information. Don’t just tell everyone that you are washing your hands, but be clear on what you can and can’t provide. Make sure your website and social media listings reflect your current hours. Highlight ways your business is working to help the community at this time.

Our trusted email partner, Klaviyo, has an incredible article outlining ways to communicate empathy during this time. Learn more from them by clicking here.

2) Create A Checklist For Reopening.

The way we engage retail will be drastically different for a while. Try-on rooms are a thing of the past. That may mean setting up a system for clothing delivery in your area. Maybe you can curate style boxes for people who need them.

Regardless, there are a few things you need to look into as we move forward.

A – Re-evaluate your process for cleaning, inspections, and maintaining your public and private spaces.

B – Create a firm social distancing plan with your space and re-evaluate traffic patterns.

C – Clean, clean, clean! Consistently disinfect doors, common areas, point-of-sale systems, and anything else you feel urged to do.

See how Real Estate Firm Cushman & Wakefield are advising clients to safely reopen their workplaces.

3) Maximize Hazard Control

Make sure team members know to stay home when they feel sick.

Maybe you can adjust schedules so that a properly designated amount of employees are in the building at a certain time.

Make sure that your team members who require PPE know how to wear it and how to take it off correctly.

Here are a few more guidelines from Denver based CCIG.

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