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4 Outfits That Should Be In Your Closet This Season!


Your wardrobe is a large part of your life – whether you know it or not! Most of us might not pay attention to what we put in or toss out…until we “can’t find anything to wear!” In my case, this can lead to agonizing time spent pulling things from the top shelves and tossing them on the floor when they don’t fit like I expect them to. It’s frustrating to leave the house in something that I may not feel 100% confident in! Here are 4 outfits that you should have prepared in your closet at all times!

1. For lounging or running quick errands.


My favorite way to lounge always starts with a pair of perfect fit leggings. They’re coming back soon so get on the waiting list! They are comfortable, versatile, and if really doesn’t matter what shirt, tank, or sweater you choose toss on. Accessorize with leg warmers if it’s chilly outside, but if you don’t feel like going outside in your PJs, this is the closest you can get and still be extremely comfortable!

2. For anything outdoors

Bold colors and fringe are in! Whether you wear our brand new Fringe Two Way Cardigan open like a cardigan over your favorite tee or button it up at the shoulders like a wrap sweater, you’ll look and feel fabulous!

3. A professional accessory


Maintaining a professional wardrobe that is also stylish and functional can be tough with some of the options out there. Aside from the basics, it can be difficult to keep variety in a work setting. Choose one or two items that you can mix and match throughout the week. You can wear the same blouse twice as long as you add a statement piece or a blanket scarf to draw your co-workers attention away from your outfit and onto your accessories instead!

4. A versatile piece

Like this Lightweight Two Fit Knit Cardigan, you need something that can easily transition from day to night, work to after-hours, or lounging to coffee with friends without much effort! Being able to have more flexibility with the items in your closet will give you more freedom to create a style that is all your own.

Choosing a gorgeous outfit for any occasion shouldn’t be a hassle, and if you plan out what you want your wardrobe to become, shopping in the future will be much easier! Adding items that will compliment pieces that you already own is the fastest way to create clean and functional looks that still represent you in all of the best ways!

Grace and Lace