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Recipe: Melissa’s Chicken Bombs


I usually make these for the 4th of July, but we eat them almost year round if we have the craving. These Chicken Bombs are just that… the bomb!

Substitute mini sweet peppers for the jalapeño and any kids won’t complain about the spice. My kids are picky eaters and this is one of those dishes that has them begging for seconds. Plus, it feeds an army when you need it to!


1lb chicken tenders (roughly 8ish tenders)
1/2 block of cream cheese (room temp)
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp onion powder
~ 1-2 cups of your favorite BBQ sauce (I use Sweet Baby Rays Honey BBQ sauce)
salt and pepper
4 jalapenos (or 1 for every 2 chicken tenders)
8 slices of bacon (or 1 for each chicken tender)


– Mix cream cheese with the garlic and onion powder
– pound out/tenderize each chicken tender and sprinkle with salt n pepper
– cut jalapenos in half – lengthwise, remove seeds and fill with cream cheese mixture- lay one jalapeno half down on each chicken tender filled side down
– wrap chicken tender around jalapeno

– wrap bacon around, stretching as you go helping to secure the chicken making the “bomb”

– baste with bbq sauce on both sides

– heat grill to med heat
– throw on the grill
– rotate every few minutes until chicken is cooked through

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