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Go On, Add A POP Of Color To Your Neutral Makeup Routine! You Can Thank Us Later.


It’s easy to get comfortable with a neutral makeup routine, and many of us rarely stray from our favorite nude eye shadow palette. Sure, it’s fun to marvel at the rainbow of colored shadows at the makeup counter, but a gorgeous eggplant purple can be intimidating when you’re getting ready for work. If you’re not used to it, color can be scary.


Start with a shimmer eye shadow

This technique is easy to do, and it’s a great choice if you’ve got to keep a more professional look at the office. “Professional” is not a code word for “boring!” Gold or silver shimmer can really make your eyes POP! and instantly brighten your entire face! It’s not technically a color, but it’s a good start if you’re nervous about deviating from the comfort of neutral brown.


Try a colored smoky eye

Most everyone is familiar with the bold and luxurious “smoky eye,” but adding color to this look is so simple, you might start doing it every day! After you’ve finished putting on your neutral colors and blending them together, choose a fun color and lightly dab on a little bit in the outer corner of your eyes! Green, purple, maroon, blue…the possibilities are only limited by the colors in your makeup bag.



Add color to your bottom lashes

You don’t need to neglect your lower lash line any longer! Grab a fun, bright color and dab a small amount to the inner corners underneath your eyes. Not only will this draw attention to your eyes, it can tie together your outfit as well. It doesn’t take a lot of eye shadow to make a big statement with this method.

Rock a bold lip

Those neutral nudes and light pinks are classic and easy, but a dark, bold lip is on the rise as a new favorite of women everywhere! While you may not want to dive right into an matte onyx lip, a darker shade of pink or a rich purple might be a fun way to experiment with color!


Soon enough, you’ll have a whole rainbow of eye shadows to play with on a daily basis! It’s alright if a bright and glittery teal isn’t your cup of tea, but don’t let that stop you from playing with a POP! of color in your every day makeup routine!


Practice your blending, grab a few colors, and celebrate the summer months with shimmery golds, vibrant greens, and luscious dark red lips!

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Grace and Lace