Grace and Lace

Get Ready For Spring


Spring will be here before you know it. That can mean significant changes in business, and we want you to stay ahead of the curve (not get caught by surprise.) Here are three things you can do this month to make sure you’re ready for Spring 2020!

1) Map out your holiday “hooks.”

Several big holidays occur in the spring that provide opportunities to boost sales and turn customers into raving fans. Think of different ways to capitalize on big days like Easter, Mother’s Day, Graduations, and even April Fools!

Consider extending a helping hand to the community through these days. Maybe you could offer a portion of your sales to a local women’s shelter for Mother’s Day or bundle items into a “holiday outfit” that sells at a discount.

Whatever you do, plan in advance. Invest the time to plan now, and it won’t be nearly as stressful later.

2) Consider a website/sales floor refresh.

There’s a term used in advertising called “banner blindness.” When you see the same thing(s) over and over again, you tend to tune them out. They become normal. If you don’t have a brick and mortar location, your website is your sales floor. Consider moving things around a little bit. For websites, update pop-ups and big images on your site. Place your spring orders, take your pictures, and get your customers excited for Spring 2020!

For brick and mortar sales floors, a little rearranging can help drive curiosity with existing customers and may even inspire some conversations that allow you to help them find what they’re looking for.

3) Update your Social Media Accounts.

Make sure your posting strategy reflects the season. As soon as you get your first orders of 2020, begin developing a fresh strategy around the colors and elements of spring. Often, customers will buy for the season they’re longing for even if it’s still cold where they are. Ask questions, do giveaways, get your fans excited about the coming season, and use these conversations to build brand loyalty as the weather begins to change.

Grace and Lace