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Fantastic Florals: 3 Outfits That Are PERFECT For An Outdoor BBQ!


It’s finally summer! While it doesn’t mean that everyone gets a 3-month summer vacation (that was the life), it does mean that people are hosting more outdoor activities and events! One of my favorite get-togethers is definitely an outdoor BBQ. The best thing about BBQ parties? The food! And…the worst thing? Waiting for the food!7.15a14But choosing an outfit can be frustrating…especially when you know that candid pictures of you will end up being uploaded to social media by the end of the night. That means you have got to look your best from all angles! It sounds intimidating, but here’s a few simple styles that will complement your look.


A simple floral circle skirt with comfortable shoes and a striped top! This is an amazing combination of patterns – in fact, this one is our absolute favorite striped top 😉 – that will flatter any body type. Sitting at your waist or your hip, and reaching above your knees or sweeping to the floor in a long maxi, all shapes and sizes of a floral skirt make this look complete! You don’t need to bother with a lot of accessories for this outfit. Just grab your favorite handbag and get ready to enjoy the party!

A flowing floral tunic can double as a dress if you toss on your favorite leggings and wear some comfortable shoes! The style flatters your figure from every angle. Jewelry is optional with this look, so wear what makes you happy!

7.15a11You can’t go wrong with a floral button-down! This is a brilliant item to have in your closet because you can pair it with anything! If you feel like it is a little too “busy,” pair it with a neutral jacket to tone it down just a bit. Jeans, khakis, skirts, jackets, even overalls! Whatever fits your look! There is just something about a floral pattern that looks great on everyone. Maybe it’s the fact that it reminds us of the beauty of nature? Whatever it is, we absolutely love adorable florals!

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