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Don’t Say That – Say This


What boutique owner doesn’t love Facebook or Instagram? Building a community of raving fans that produce organic (unpaid) traffic is a gold mine for your business.

BUT – in the last few years it might feel like it’s become a game of cat and mouse for you to reach the same amount of people you used to. There are a lot of people who feel this way right now and the good news is – There’s something you can do about it.

See, Facebook reads everything. It hears everything (yes, that means video too.) It uses that data to help decide your intentions with your audience. Facebook HIGHLY values community over all and we’ve identified a few phrases that might make “the algorithm” think that you are more focused on business success rather than community and then it turns into a pay-to-play scenario.

You can still reach people with sales and deals. You just have to use the right language when presenting that to your fan base so that Facebook still sees your post as community focused rather than sales focused.

Here are 3 words or phrases that can negatively affect your reach on social media.

Don’t use them in copy, blog post titles, or URLs.

BOGO (or Buy One Get One Free or Freebies)

Uh oh – Free? Must be too good to be true coming from a business.

Don’t say that – say this:

You get one and the other one is on us!

You want XYZ. The good news is, when you get it today, we’ll make sure you get an ABC too! Our treat!


Share This or Tag A Friend

We were guilty of this until we saw diminished returns. Facebook wants people to engage without being directly told to.

Don’t say that – say this:

I know you know someone that needs this in their life!

This is definitely you – am I right?


Shop the XYZ Sale!

Sales? That means you’re definitely selling something! Facebook wants a piece of the pie!

Don’t say that – say this:

Did you do a double take too? This is the lowest on XYZ we’ve ever seen!

Gift idea alert – Make every penny count before this goes away!

What are some other ways you’d like to “dance” around these phrases?

Let us know in the Wholesale G&L Group!


Grace and Lace