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Crushed Berries And Red Wine: Valentine’s Day Colors We’re In Love With


Decade after decade, shades of red emerge as the go-to color when putting the perfect outfit together. Burgundy, maroon, garnet, Merlot, crushed berries, and other shades of warm red look sophisticated on anyone, and incorporating them into your everyday wardrobe is incredibly simple!


Our warm and cozy Honeycomb Knit Sweater works with our Extender Line to give you more options when it comes to dressing for the winter chill. Dress it up with your favorite jeans or go for a more comfy look with leggings. We’ve been sold out for a while but we just got them back in stock (and they’re selling even faster than last time!)


A dark nail (especially burgundy!) looks amazing against the fallen leaves and dusting snow. Do you like the jewel accents, or would you prefer a plain coat of polish? Sometimes, a little bling can be just what you need to accessorize the rest of your outfit.



Already have a favorite outfit picked out? Incorporate this bold  color with our Alpine thigh high boot socks in wine. Match these with a dark red lip, and you’re ready for anything!

A dark burgundy lip is a winter go-to look year after year… and we can see why! It’s bold, it’s elegant, and it matches the tones of the season.


The pointelle tie-back sweater is little more forgiving when it comes to actually being a sweater – meaning that you can wear it even pretty much year round! We think this option is great for those days when the weather isn’t sure if it wants to be hot or cold. Either way, you’ll look amazing in this lovely shade of red.


Bundling up for the chilly weather. Grabbing a cup of hot chocolate. Sitting by a warm fire. These are the things that make this time of year so amazing. Take time to relax and enjoy the simple things in life… and if you can look great at the same time, it’s an added bonus!

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Grace and Lace