Grace and Lace

A Day In The Life: Meet Amanda


1)What’s your must-have G&L essential right now?

This is a nearly impossible question for me since I love it all…. My most grabbed item is my black Perfect Pocket Tee (sold out in this color right now but coming back soon!) and my loggers which I live in 100% of the time at home. My favorite loggers are the black floral.

2) What are you watching?

What am I not watching right now? I knocked out “Tiger King” and “Love Is Blind” and now I’m watching “You” which is captivating and terribly disturbing.


3) What are you listening to?

True crime podcasts and musical soundtracks; Rent, Wicked, and Les Miserables are my go-to.


4) What are you looking forward to?

Seeing my son play with his friends again. It breaks my heart telling him he can’t play when we pass our neighbors on a walk.

5) How are you staying inspired lately?

I’ve been inspired more than ever by nature. Having been trapped for so long in this quarantine, my love for the outdoors has been renewed as well as my love for floral prints.

6) What is something you have learned during this shelter-in-place time?

That nothing in life is certain. It really shook me how quickly our whole world changed; coming out of this I will live a more intentional life placing my focus on the things that are truly important.

Grace and Lace