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6 Ways To Lounge And Still Look Ready-To-Go!


Some days, I don’t want to put too much effort into my outfit,but I also don’t want to look like I’ve slept for 12 hours in my pajamas. I’ve found some of the easiest ways to relax at home while also being ready at a moment’s notice to leave and run any last-minute errands!

Choose a loose top!

grace and lace lace feature top

Nothing screams “freedom!” like a loose and comfortable top. Choose a sweater, blouse, or long-sleeved shirt that has a fair amount of detail to counter-balance those sleek black leggings. If you end up needing to leave the house, you can step into some cute flats and be ready to go in no time at all!

Wear tinted moisturizer!


A great way to skip the makeup is to apply a tinted moisturizer to your skin in the morning instead of your regular makeup routine. This will save time and keep your face fresh for the day just in case anything pops into your schedule at the last minute. You don’t need to bother with heavy makeup, but you do need to protect your skin from drying out after a relaxing day around the house!

Throw on a poncho!

grace and lace alpine poncho

This is hands-down the easiest option when deciding what to wear for the day. If it’s chilly outside, there is no better option for a cozy day in. A poncho is warm, comfy, and oh-so-chic! If you need to leave the house, just slip on a pair of boots and let your hair out of that bun. You’re good to go!


There are a lot of small things you can add to your look in just a few seconds taking you from “lounge” to “luxury.” A headband will turn that messy bun into a cute hairdo. A large necklace or some accent bracelets will easily add some bling to your ensemble. Quick! Are you on your way out to a spontaneous lunch with the girls? Toss everything you need into an over sized bag. If you’re not sure of the weather outside, tie a scarf onto the handle and be prepared for anything!

Wear a nice cardigan!

grace and lace two fit knit cardigan

Can’t bear to part with your comfortable leggings and tank? Don’t! Grab a light cardigan to keep warm and still be ready for anything. With this versatile outfit, you only need to worry about all of the relaxing you’ll be doing today! Get this cute Two Fit Knit Cardigan from Grace & Lace!

Grab a Blanket Scarf!

grace and lace blanket scarf toggle poncho

Deciding between a warm poncho and a fashionable scarf can be difficult sometimes. If it’s a little chilly out but you’re not sure if it’ll get warmer or not, this two-in-one option is perfect for your lazy days! Stay cute, cozy, and ready for anything with an incredible Blanket Scarf!

Try a few of these on your next day in! My favorite go-to lounging outfit? Tinted moisturizer and my gorgeous Blanket Scarf/Toggle Poncho!

Grace and Lace