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5 Tips To Help You Survive ‘Back To School’. (5 Will Be Your Favorite)


It’s that time of year again. Some of you mommy’s are super excited for some alone time, some of you are scared, and some of you might be dreading the upcoming school year. As summer comes to a close and the weather (supposedly) starts to cool down, we start preparing for the year ahead. We load up our carts with clothes, pencils, notebooks, snacks, backpacks, and more until the cart is impossible to push. Here’s 5 tips that will help you and your kids get ready for the new year.


Tip 1: Order the school shopping list online.

Who has time to go all over town to 3 different Targets because every one is out of something on the list? Like… Really? What happened to only needing pencils, paper, and a basic calculator?

It’s way easier to shop online for everything on their list. Not only does it save time, but ordering online also saves money on gas (everything’s delivered straight to your door or straight to the store nearest you). Everybody wins.


Tip 2: Start a routine you and your kids can stick to.

It’s time for you and your kids to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. It’s going to take a bit more preparation and sticking to routine than during the summer. Some of you may not have a problem with this. Others are seeing the hair stand up on their arms thinking about that 7am alarm going off.

Regardless of whether you’re a night owl or an early worm, find a routine that works for you and your kids and make it happen!

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Tip 3: Tackle The Weekend To-Do List

Everybody’s in the house over the weekend. That’s a lot of (potential) helping hands! Your new weekend to do list should include cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and meal prep. It’s so much easier to knock it out when you have the time to. When you try to squeeze it in, it’s just more stressful. If you’re able to share the work with your husband and kids, it all goes even faster. Commit to your to-do list!

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Tip 4: Be extra loving and supportive. School can be stressful!

Do you remember being a kid and starting a new school year? Riding the bus – comparing outfits – meeting new people *GASP*

That’s a lot to take in for some kids. It’s Mom’s job to remind them that everything will be OK. Maybe have a few special ice cream dates over the first few weeks or months. Not only does it help them realize you have their back, it opens up some lines of communication so you know a little more about how things are going as they make the transition into their new setting.


Tip 5: Reward yourself while doing good! Shop Grace & Lace and you’ll be helping children in need get school supplies.

You’re putting in some long hours getting your kids ready for school. That deserves a reward, right? This fall until 8/21 we’re have a Back 2 School Sale (20% Off Almost Everything) and that’s not too uncommon among retailers. But at Grace & Lace we’re doing things a little different this year. A portion of every sale during our Back 2 School event is going to help provide school supplies for an orphan in need. Your next Grace & Lace order could mean books, backpacks, or other school supplies for a young student who’s eager to learn. Save 20% and help a child get school supplies? That’s a real win-win!


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