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5 Reasons Why We LOVE Our ‘Shark’ Barbara Corcoran


We LOVE Shark Tank! Being on Shark Tank has changed Grace & Lace for the better, and the story is the same for hundreds of other entreprenuers.

When you’re under the spotlight on ABC’s Shark Tank, it can get a little intimidating. The sharks look over every detail and scrutinize your business to see if it’s truly worth the investment. Thankfully, Barbara Corcoran saw the same potential in Grace and Lace as we did. Here are 5 things we learned about Barbara after she became our Shark.



1. Barbara is hilarious

There’s no shortage of laughter behind the scenes with Barbara. She may be intense when she’s in ‘The Tank’ but she works hard and plays hard, and she’s entertaining to be around! In Barbara’s world, high energy + a great attitude = success.

2. Barbara is a genius

The truth is, we knew this before Barbara was ‘our shark.’ However, we didn’t even understand how much of a genius she was until we got to work with her. Barbara is not just well-educated businesswoman; she’s street smart. She’s a wealth of knowledge and has a knack for seeing things from a different perspective.


3. Barbara is an incredibly hard worker

Seriously… This woman is going at 110% 24/7. Barbara’s one of the hardest working people we’ve ever met! She knows a thing or two about going the extra mile. Years ago, as a waitress, Barbara would work up to 18 hours a day to make the money needed to pay her bills. She has tapped into that incredible drive to succeed through her whole life (even into Shark Tank!) Sometimes show taping can go as long a 12 hours per day, but that doesn’t stop Barbara from giving it her all!


4. Barbara is very wise with her money (Obviously!)

Barbara has a long track record of good investments and great deals. Although, we think her deal with Grace and Lace is the best investment so far. 😉 She proves time and time again that she knows what it takes to be successful in business.

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5. Barbara is down to earth

Barbara has humble roots. She came from a family of 12 that lived in a two-bedroom home. She fought hard to pave her own way through life. She considers her mother to be one of her biggest role models. Although her mother never worked for a company, she still had a profound effect on the way Barbara handles her businesses. Even with all of her success, accolades, books, and TV appearances, she’s considers being a mother her most important accomplishment.


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