Grace and Lace

5 Fashion Pieces You’ll Need To Survive ANY Outdoor Event!


When the weather warms up, more and more events will take place outdoors. Yes, even if the forecast says it’ll be over 100 degrees… People just love the sun! So, load up on SPF 40 and pack a water bottle; it’s time to have some fun with the people you love the most in life. These items are exactly the things you’ll need when spending the day outside!


A breezy shawl

A simple shawl can help to beat the heat and help to keep you warm once the sun sets. The best part? You don’t need to worry about picking out the perfect top to wear all day. A simple white T-shirt will do just fine! The shawl and accessories will make your outfit picture perfect!

Don’t forget your arm party!


No summertime look is complete without a bright array of bracelets and bangles! Earrings or necklaces are fun additions to your outfit as well!

Mirrored shades

No summer look is complete without sunglasses. The best part? You can find these mirrored lenses in all sorts of crazy color combinations! Throw on our Santa Rita Sleeveless, grab your hat and sunglasses, and get ready for the perfect day on the lake!

A Romper

A light and airy romper is just the thing to wear to an outdoor event! It’s summery and fun and so on trend right now. While this is a great way to keep cool even on the hottest day, don’t forget to put your sun block on before you wear this outfit!

A Tank Top/Bralette

This is one of the best combos to wear outdoors! It’s lightweight, playful, and flattering too! Pair it with a long necklace and you favorite shorts and sandals and you’ve got yourself a look that’s to die for!

Grace and Lace