Grace and Lace

4 Ways To Keep Your Kids In Style With Ruffles And Lace Galore!


Whether you are searching for a gift or just making sure the children in your life are bundled up when the cold weather hits, finding fashionable items that will still keep them warm isn’t as tough as it sounds! As a former child myself (who loved all things lace), I can confirm that these are great ways to keep warm and still be trendy!

For your itty bitty babies!

Grace and Lace Baby Leg Warmers

Yes, we swaddle them in layers and layers when the weather gets cold, but they can still be as cute as buttons with these itty bitty leg warmers that have buttons, too! Just because they can’t tell us how much they love these cute little warmers right now doesn’t mean they won’t thank us for their fabulous pictures later! Be sure to take as many snapshots as possible! They grow so fast!


For your darling toddlers!

Grace and Lace - Mini Molly Leg Warmers

I don’t know about yours, but the toddlers in my life want to be just like mom! These adorable leg warmers will match mom’s, making them the coolest kids on the block! My favorite pictures from when I was a kid where the times mom and I got to wear our matching overalls in public! That excitement changed just a few years later, so take advantage of this stage while you can. It really is the sweetest.

For your young fashionistas!

Grace and Lace Shorties

This is a super cute way to let your youngsters explore their love of fashion with this extra layer of lace between their shorts and leggings! While they might come up with some interesting wardrobe choices, keep them nice and toasty with as many layers as possible. The extra length will give them more coverage and the chic design will have them wearing these any time they grab a pair of shorts! …Even if it might be 50 degrees outside.

For your teen trendsetters!

Grace and Lace Blanket Scarf Toggle Pancho

Maybe your baby is in her last year of high school or heading off to college soon. We can’t always be there to remind them to grab a jacket, but we can try our best to make sure that they have everything they need while they’re out on their own! A two-in-one scarf and poncho combo is a wonderful way to create more diversity in her fashion arsenal and make sure that she stays cozy anytime she is away. The fresh and feminine pattern is enough to keep her wearing this all season long!

With the colder weather already here, it’s important to make sure that everyone is ready for the changing seasons. Whether they are a few weeks old or starting out in their own lives, keeping the kids safe and warm is a job made easier with so many gorgeous options!

Grace and Lace