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4 Ways To Dress For Success In A Chilly Office


When you’re feeling the chill in the air and in the office, it can be difficult to dress nicely while also staying warm. These are a few tips that I’ve put together for surviving those months when the heater hasn’t turned on but the weather is cold! Stay toasty at your desk with these fashion blessings!

Wear Leggings!

grace and lace leggings

Yes, that dress is very cute, but if you’re too busy shivering at your desk to care, consider pulling on a pair of patterned leggings as well. In the same way, wear tights or stockings underneath your pants. The extra layer will make a world of difference when the temperature starts to drop and keep your concentration on work instead of the cold! Click here to grab a pair (these go super fast!)

Grab a cardigan!

grace and lace two fit knit cardigan

Do you have a uniform that needs to be followed or only need an extra layer of warmth for a few hours out of the day? A cute and cozy cardigan is the perfect way to stay warm and still keep a professional appearance. Stay away from thick wool or fabrics that will leave fibers on your work clothes in case you need to take it off for a meeting or when you’re no longer feeling a chill.

Sneak in some leg warmers!

grace and lace miss molly leg warmers

The best thing about a desk? No one can see your feet! Getting dressed in the morning is easier once you know that you can slip out of those frigid heels or flats into some leg warmers once you start working in the freezing office. If you aren’t able to switch shoes at the office, find a way to incorporate your stylish winter boots! It may be too early, but comfort is important when you’re putting in a full day’s work! Add some boot socks to double up on that warmth!

Toss on a scarf! 

grace and lace lace knit scarf

Keep your neck toasty with an elegant scarf. When your neck and shoulders are protected from the cold, you are able to retain heat and go about your day without worrying about the temperature in the office. There are many different ways to wear that cute accessory, so stay trendy and stay warm!

Try arm warmers!

grace and lace cozy cable knit arm warmers

A pair of gloves can be too cumbersome, but arm warmers might do just the trick if your fingers are having trouble typing due to the frigid temperatures. Stylish and cute, your fingers will warm up in no time at all!

Take advantage of these accessories all year-round and stay warm while you work. Try to get your desk moved to a window where the sun shines through, and stay away from the vents in the ceilings if at all possible. Don’t forget a warm cup of hot tea to fend off that pesky chill. Make your work day much more comfortable with these easy tips!

Grace and Lace