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3 Ways To Dress When It’s Cold In The Morning But Hot In The Afternoon!


For me, the hardest thing about the changing seasons is waking up in the mornings. The sun isn’t quite up when my alarm for work goes off, and the room is absolutely frigid! My blankets are so warm and inviting, but I know that I have to get up and dress for the office. It can be so incredibly tempting to grab the warmest sweater in the closet and bundle up in order to start the day, but try to resist the temptation! That sweater will keep you warm while you fix breakfast and drive to work, but once the sun comes out you’ll be wishing you had grabbed something quite a bit lighter. Take a few of these tips to heart the next time you’re tempted to wear something heavier than you need to!


grace and lace mesh extender

The easiest way to cope with the changes in the weather is dressing smart. Check the forecast for the next day (it’s easier than trying to plan in the morning with your teeth chattering!) and set out an appropriate outfit. If it will be in the high 60s before noon and the low 90s by lunchtime, think about pairing some leggings with a long blouse and a skirt extender. Add some warmth by accessorizing with a long cardigan or a bulky scarf. This Grace & Lace best seller can keep you warm (and fashionable) on your way to the office but easily taken off once it gets too warm!

Two-in-one pieces!

grace and lace blanket scarf toggle poncho

Items like this are perfect for those days that bounce between hot and cold! Stay covered without a bulky sweater. This particular poncho will help protect you from the chill of the morning while easily transforming into a large trendy scarf that can be worn for the rest of the day no matter the weather! This beautiful scarf is an especially great idea when the forecast says it will be cold and rainy!

Don’t forget your feet!

grace and lace dainty boot cuffs

If you can’t resist the ease of pulling on your winter boots in the morning, don’t grab those leg warmers just yet! If you know that the weather will warm up by the afternoon, opt for some cute boot cuffs instead. Your feet will thank you once the sun starts to shine but your outfit will still look clean, cute, and ready for anything! Grab a pair of our dainty boot cuffs here!

Don’t go bundling up for the day in an over-sized sweater! Grab a soft and comfortable robe (and maybe a cup of tea) to get your morning started, instead. Try to remember that this back-and-forth weather pattern will only last for a few weeks out of the year! Pretty soon, you will be able to bundle up in peace without worrying about how you’ll feel by the afternoon!

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