Grace and Lace

3 Mix & Match Tips!


I’ve always loved the winter to spring transition. Fashion-wise, it makes for a great few months of accessorizing my favorite warmer weather outfits with more layers to make them cool-weather-friendly. Cardigans, tees, leggings, and denim can all be mixed, matched, and pair well in so many ways and I’ve designed most of our styles to work together well. Reasonably priced and easy to pair: that’s the name of my game. I hated looking at a full closet and feeling like I had nothing I wanted to wear (and I know you feel the same way!) So I design most of our styles based on things I wish I had!
Here’s a few things I learned on my journey to becoming a ‘mix master’! 🙂

1) Choose a dominant style, an accent style, and a ’showstopper’.

One part of your outfit needs to turn heads, and everything else needs to be styled around that part of your outfit. Our Fara Combo Cami under the Washed Tencel Cargo Jacket is a perfect example of what I mean. The jacket is bold and stylish and the Fara really complements the look underneath without clashing. Accent that outfit with a gorgeous necklace or an on-trend purse as your “showstopper” and you’ll have people begging to know where you shop! 🙂

2) Look Good, Feel Good

Make sure you’re pairing up styles you feel good in. It improves your confidence and it shows! Some neutral, flattering tops can work really well with your favorite denim or leggings for a care-free, but trendy look you’ll love. My go-to right now is the Everyday Favorite Ribbed Tee over our Perfect Fit Leggings. It’s comfy/cozy/on-the-go and they pair perfectly together.

3) Versatility Matters!

Invest in some lightweight outer layers that can be worn year-round. Our Grab N’ Go Knit, Lightweight Two-Fit Knit, and Oversized Pocket Cardigan come to mind. These turn a lot of top/bottom combos into instant outfits. I’ve really designed a lot of these layers to style perfectly with our other tops and bottoms. The more Grace & Lace you have in your closet, the more mixing and matching you can do (trust me! I’ve pretty much thrown out everything else!)

Grace and Lace