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3 Apps You Need


Social media is a HUGE marketing tool for us. It drives thousands of sales for us every year for basically no money invested. But, when it comes to your audience, if all you do is sell sell sell, you’re going to lose more people than you win over.

You’ve got to love your people and sometimes that means giving them something besides your product or service. Give them a reason to smile. Give them a laugh. Let them know you’re their kind of person. Most importantly – you need to get them to stop scrolling through their feed. Make content that makes them stop!

Here are 3 apps you can use to connect with your audience better on social media.

1) WordSwag

A great way to pad your content is with inspiring quotes, funny thoughts, or short stories you can share with your fans. WordSwag is a super simple way to do that. You’ll create relatable content in seconds from your phone without any stress.

2) Boomerang

You might have this one already, but it’s great for short, fun, easily digestable content to break up the monotony of their feed. Remember – your social media goal is to STOP THE SCROLL!

3) Pixaloop

This is a refreshing, almost trippy, photo editor. It turns a still photo into a live, looping, almost magical experience that you have to see to believe!

Grace and Lace